Your Image is everything!

“True elegance and style comes from being confident and feeling comfortable in your own skin” Quote by Tory Burch – Fashion Designer

How can you maximise your image when you first walk in the room? How can you get that WOW factor again and again? Being a Life-Style coach I am often Image coaching alongside Confidence coaching as they really do go hand in hand. After all if you have confidence you can carry off pretty much anything, its just believing in you!  🙂

Do you make the most of your style, body shape and colours? Have you ever thought of this when looking through your wardrobe and wondering what to wear? I wonder if you can remember a time when you thought yes, that’s great, I feel amazing, actually I look amazing!! Can you remember what you were wearing? I bet it really complimented your skin tone at the time, your hair colouring, your shape and your style.

We really must not go with fashion just because its fashion. We really must feel good when walking out that door and we must really be wearing the outfit and not let the outfit wear us.

Have you ever thought, by golly that woman should really not be wearing that outfit, it really does not suit her. Well, you are probably right, it doesn’t suit her, she has not thought about her shape, her style and colouring she has just said I like that and I will wear it.

How many times have you found a dress that you pick up weekly, however have never worn! Can I hear you say “yes”……….. Well I have. And I remember purchasing it on impulse as it looked lovely, but did not feel right on me. I put it on every now and then, and take it off without venturing out as something is not quite right. We have to feel good to walk out that door.

Also it’s the way we hold ourselves, our posture. Just do it now, move out of that slump, pull those shoulders back, suck that stomach in and you take a deep inhale of breath automatically. Posture looks ten times better if held properly and with pride. Stick that chest out and walk with your head held high. 🙂

You want people to remember you don’t you, not the dress you were wearing! Or the roundness of your shoulders.

Your personal brand is:

- the way you come across to others

- the messages you send with the way you dress

- the tone of your voice and your body language

- the way you behave – what you do.

- how you go about things

- the way you interact with others

What do you want people to think and say about you? This is your image and Image coaching can make you aware of things that may not have even crossed your mind!

Let me into your wardrobe and let’s have some fun Image coaching in your skin and accessories. 🙂

Call me on 07718 155408 or email me at [email protected]. Lets chat and see what you really want to be, do and have.

The statistics say why Image coaching is so important.

54% of women rarely feel proud of their appearance

56% of men are often upset by their looks

70.2% of women and 41.5% of men feel pressure from magazines and television to have a perfect body

29.7% of women and 27.7% of men reported pressure from friends to look attractive

23.8% of women and 15.7% of men often feel pressure from family to change their appearance

(The London Coaching Academy Statistics)

Image, as in confidence comes from within and confidence comes from feeling proud of yourself, achieving things that may have been thought impossible once! Really think hard of your achievements and what you have done recently. Maybe it’s been going out “dressed” to the coffee shop during the day, or maybe it was changing your hair style or colour or even length. Feel good about these achievements and record them, so when you may feel a little less confident you can draw on these milestones to remind you of how amazing you really are.

It was so lovely to see you all at the Cheese and Wine on Wednesday. So great to chat and you had all taken so much time and effort to present yourselves and look so happy to be there.

I will ask you to do one thing for me….. Always smile when you enter a room and see the effect it has on others. After all our smile adds everything to our image. 🙂

See you soon


Life-Style Coach

07718 155408

[email protected]



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