Oh what a night! :) The Mad May Masquerade Dinner Dance

Amazing. I was wowed by the Masquerade Dinner Dance organized by Enigma. Roll on November as I can’t wait to really dress up again. 🙂

So great to talk to all of you especially on the dance floor! One thing I noticed was the wonderful legs and slim ankles waltzing around. ….. Most women would kill for!!

Black and sequins were the most popular don’t you think? However there was a plethora of summer colours splashed every where  dancing away to an incredibly talented band. The only other thing that I will comment on was how gorgeous you all dress. The effort made by you all was breath taking. Such fun ….. Even the gate crashing of the wedding in the hotel was very amusing!  :))

So Stephen Coveys 5th habit from his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People states that You First have to understand before you can be understood.  This is not the usual way of thinking though is it. ……… It takes restraint and effort not to comment on things you don’t know about, or don’t understand.  It is such a shame that so many individuals have such great self esteem and self confidence that they actually believe they know everything about something and pass opinion and judgement which makes them look silly.  It’s sad that they can’t even see this.

Let’s talk about self esteem and self confidence. They are different, and high self esteem encourages self confidence, and you can try almost anything. And, even if you fall you can get up and try again, sometimes even with a smile. 🙂

Self esteem comes from self concept and self image, where self concept includes all aspects of the way we feel about ourselves. Self image is the picture that we hold of ourselves, its built and modified through our perceptions of the way other people, significant others, behave towards us.

High self esteem comes from Self-image and Ideal-self being congruent and the person does not even know they have high self esteem.

Low self esteem comes from self image and ideal self being at loggerheads to each other and the person who has low self esteem may have expectations so high that they say what is the point in trying anyway as they believe they could not achieve this goal they have been set!

People with good self esteem are unaware of it, and tension is directed outwards and away from themselves,  they seem to be less emotional and more effective in their personal and professional lives. They have confidence and ability to think and cope with life. They have confidence in the right to be successful. They have feelings of being worthy and have self respect. They achieve values and enjoy the fruits of efforts.

Is this you? Amazing work if so. …..

However, if you feel you are lacking in self esteem, self confidence, email me or call me and let’s focus on all of this to create the more confident you! :))

You have one life, so live it the way you feel happy doing so.

Coaching boils down to inspiration from within, you all have it in you so let me help you find the way to live your best exciting life ever. :))

Take care and have a wonderful May. Hopefully when I write next we will be in the middle of a heat wave!! 🙂 I can always wish! And hope. ……


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