I am so excited!! :)

So wonderful to meet so many gorgeous ladies again last month.  I know it seems so long ago, but the Femesque cheese and wine event was really buzzing with excitement and you all looked incredible. ….

Hurray the clocks have gone forward and the days are getting longer.  So lets Spring into May and embrace the weather change hopefully. :)))

Now, let’s imagine your best life! ….. What would you be doing? How would you be doing it? and how much time would you be spending dressed in your favourite outfits?? God life is for living and we have to seize the day with both hands and squeeze every moment out of it………….. so live it the way you want to.

So what outfit will you wear today??

Is it a classic outfit, or brand new season outfit?? What colour suits you?? Well lets take fashion for a moment.

Mono crome is in!!

Black and white

Patterned pants

Trophy jacket


Statement jumpers

Transitional fashion winter to spring.

Mono crone is in this season. Black and white. Bold and classy. Check out body.frock.co.uk. I had to share this with you as the lining of the dress holds you in and then you can buy the outer dress to enhance your look. Feel smooth and slim for summer. Its termed the Suck you inny dress!!

Talking about dresses and men wearing dresses, well the Greeks Romans Egyptians all wore dresses embroidered in gold etc.  When did men start to wear trousers?? It was normal to dress in tunics before this.  So do we believe that if we can make cross dressing more “comman”, more “normal”,  we can make cross dressing more acceptable in this hostile world.  I think so…… Don’t you??? What is unacceptable about you feeling the way you do when you dress?!! So does this all come down to ones confidence?? Lets get together and discuss it.

Lets plant the seeds! As the saying goes, Large oaks from little acorns grow!! Let’s plant those seeds and enjoy the oaks as they flourish in this beautiful sun.

When I came across this Feminine quotes, I had  to share it with you……….

“In trans women’s eyes, I see a wisdom that can only come from having to fight for your right to be recognised as female, a raw strength that only comes from unabashedly asserting your right to be feminine in an inhospitable world.” ― Julia Serano, Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity- and everyone has the right to stomp the path the way you want to.

Have you ever really heard the lyrics to “What makes a man a man” by Charles Aznavour?? …………… well please, read on……………………..

I shop and cook and sow a bit

Though mum does too I must admit

I do it better

At night I work in a strange bar

Impersonating every star

I’m quite deceiving

The customers come in with doubt

And wonder what I’m all about

But leave believing

I do a very special show

Where I am nude from head to toe

After stripteasing

Each night the men look so surprised

I change my sex before their eyes

Tell me if you can

What makes a man a man

At three o’clock or so I meet

With friends to have a bite to eat

And conversation

We love to empty out our hearts

With every subject from the arts

To liberation

We love to pull apart someone

And spread some gossip just for fun

Or start a rumour

We let our hair down, so to speak

And mock ourselves with tongue-in-cheek

And inside humour

So many times we have to pay

For having fun and being gay

It’s not amusing

Theres always those

By finding fault and calling names

Always accusing

They draw attention to themselves

At the expense of

I ask myself what I have got

Of what I am and what I’m not

What have I given

The answers come from those who make

The rules that some of us must break

Just to keep living

I know my life is not a crime

I’m just a victim of my time

I stand defenseless

Nobody has the right to be

The judge of what is right for me

Tell me if you can

What make a man a man

Now, I am not saying that you are gay! What I am saying is that others perceive your life to be different………….. Now the line “I know my life is not a crime, I’m just a victim of my time”…….

Hits home for the Transvestite/Transgender/sexual world as its about being completely accepted in all walks of life…………….. but hey, do you worry about that?

Read more of his lyrics at http://www.songlyrics.com/charles-aznavour/what-makes-a-man-lyrics/#3EqB3u5ycAWiAiV7.99

Now I will tell you why I am so excited! Well it’s because I am going to the Masquerade Dinner Dance on the 4th May. 🙂

And I am offering FREE 30 minute coaching intake sessions where I can explain to you the difference between Therapy, counselling  coaching, training and mentoring and we can see if we have rapport to work together so that I can accelerate the time frame between now and when you achieve what you want to achieve. You can take this time to ask me any questions about coaching and see if it is for you.

I will be at the Double Tree by Hilton from 2 pm on the 4th so if you would like a one to one session to see if you want coaching, please either email or call myself or Lynne on the addresses/numbers below.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone glammed up for this amazing event.

Take care and have fun!!


Life-Style Coach: email [email protected] or call 07718 155408

Lynne Femesque Director: email [email protected] or call 07966 100174



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