Heatwave!! So do we reveal our upper arms?? ………

Well …… Here it is. Summer at last. That heatwave has arrived. So do we wear sleeves or sleeveless. Does it matter?? How do you feel about your arms?? Why are we so concerned about those bits of skin we call bingo wings?? Does it matter??…..

Bingo wings. Crinkly skin and saggy bits on the underside of the arms. The term was derived when older  women waved their arms in celebration of winning bingo!!   No joke. Honestly true. 🙂

So many of my friends have apologised for their arms. To be honest with you, I  would not have even looked if they had not brought attention to them. Why do we do it? Why do we have such poor self image?

Not to be confused with Self-awareness, Self-concept, Self-consciousness, or Self-perception.

A person’s self-image is the mental picture, generally of a kind that is quite resistant to change, that depicts not only details that are potentially available to objective investigation by others (height, weight, hair color, gender, I.Q. score, etc.), but also items that have been learned by that person about himself or herself, either from personal experiences or by internalizing the judgments of others. A simple definition of a person’s self-image is their answer to the question “What do you believe people think about you?”.

Self-image may consist of three types:

Self-image resulting from how the individual sees himself or herself.

Self-image resulting from how others see the individual.

Self-image resulting from how the individual perceives others see him or her.

These three types may or may not be an accurate representation of the person. All, some or none of them may be true. -Wikepeadia definition of self-image

How is your self image?? Do you worry what people think or may say? Or indeed whether sleeveless actually suits you??

Ru Paul, in his/her amazing book Workin it, states such phrases as “love yourself” … “Don’t take life too seriously” … “Live your life with no restrictions”… “Do what ever you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone else in the process”…… “Always wear false eyelashes”……..

How true these phrases are, and if it wasn’t for those little gremlins inside of us saying…….. “What would the neighbours think??”……. Then we would all be in a much happier and fulfilling state of mind.

Who cares what the neighbours think!!! As long as you are happy, …… That’s what I say anyway. 🙂

What is the worse thing that could happen?

So lovely to see you all at the cheese and wine this month. So wonderful to see summer styles and beautiful colours all around.

Just remember if you need my help with your self-image or any subject that you can’t quite see the solution for, get in touch, call me on 07718 155408. Or email me at [email protected].

Everything is in the strictest of confidence so please, don’t be shy and give coaching a go to be more, do more and have more. Get inspiration from within and achieve those dreams by putting dates to them.

Thanks for reading, enjoy this wonderful weather and see you soon


Andrea Chapman

Life-style coach

07718 155408 [email protected]



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