Cross dressing! Ball Gowns! Total Glamour!

For me it is a symbol of feminism, glamour with all the trimmings. Look at any fashion magazine or celebrity event. A dream or could it become reality? Over the last few years I have visited many shops and tried on lots of dresses. After attending the Miss Fabuliss Pageant a few months back I decided I had to take the plunge. I will have no excuse for not entering next year.

Nothing I had tried to date really had the wow factor at a price I could justify. I tried on some great dresses but was still searching for my dream. I got onto the internet and discovered Diamond Nights at Windlesham. I phoned up and spoke to the owner Sandy. She was very supportive and understanding and was very happy to help out. She asked lots of questions about my TG life style and said she was sure she could help me in finding my dream gown. You will come fully dressed she said, yes I said. An appointment was made for the following week.

I could not wait for the following Tuesday, up early, bath, full make up, I looked and felt great. I arrived and Sandy’s shop and was greeted warmly. We had a chat about sizes and styles. She said I was very convincing as Amanda and was obviously very comfortable fully dressed. Sandy had a large range of ball gowns, new and some for rental. We pulled out 7 possibilities. I was in heaven. Nothing was too much trouble for her. Well let’s see you in them. I will help you get dressed in them. We spent the next two hours trying on different styles till at last my dreams came true. What a dress! What a fit! What a colour! This is it! I could not believe the reflection in the full length mirror. You look incredible she said. Amanda, how about some accessories for your gown, jewellery and a matching hand bag. Sandy produced a matching neck lace and earrings along with a selection of bags. This was the icing on the cake. You do have pierced ears I assume she said. No! I use clips or magnetic. Well, you need to get them pierced for the matching set, it’s quick and easy, you need to get them done. You won’t regret it.

I did buy everything, the dress, necklace, and earrings. Yes, I have now had my ears pierced and can buy and wear fabulous earrings. Yes I can’t wait for a full glamorous make over by Lynne and Nicky. You will have to keep your eyes open for pictures on the Femesque site. Do contact Lynne and Nicky. These talented girls can help you fulfil every aspect of your feminine dreams. Don’t hesitate! Get in touch with them now.

Sandy is happy to help serious TG’s achieve their dreams.Evening appointments, private fittings and consultations are available. She can be contacted on 01276 423384 or via her web site

Lots of love

Amanda xx


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