Arbonne Skincare and Makeup



Recently Femesque has introduced a new skincare and makeup range called Arbonne. Arbonne has swiss heritage and we have been working with the products for a few months now. We are very impressed with the instant results from the skincare and makeup ranges. The makeup itself is very popular for good coverage aswell as giving you a flawless complexion. All products are suitable for people who are vegan and who have gluten allergies.


Arbonne RE9 Full Skincare Set


Arbonnes flagship skincare range is the RE9 collection. The ingredients are very active and the specific products in this collection help to prevent ageing. You can enhance the results of these products by using the Genius Ultra Device. This helps to penetrate the products into the skin at a deeper cellular level. We now incorporate the Genius Ultra Treatment into some of our facials. We are now offering 30 min free skincare or makeup trials with any other service that you are booked in for.





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