Amanda’s New Hair

When did you last visit Lynne and her lovely team? When did you use her hair and beauty salon last? Well, Femesque is still very much alive and active!

This week I made an appointment with Lynne. My old wig was looking rather tired. Did it just need a reconditioning treatment, de-frizz or wash or did I need a replacement? Well, one quick look from Lynne and a decision was made. Time for a new wig.

Femesque has a massive stock of wigs and hairpieces covering a total cross section of prices, styles, materials and construction techniques. Lynne has real expertise and discernment when choosing and selecting a range or style to suit one’s needs, look and budget. In the comfort of her private wig studio the fun started! We tried on a selection of wigs and came to the following conclusion. The style I have worn for years suited Amanda best. Samantha, by Rene of Paris Autumn Sugar, was chosen.

Off the peg, wigs need trimming, styling and cutting in to get a natural look. Lynne does this as part of the package. Was I happy going downstairs to the salon for this? Mixing with other clients. Off cause I was! Downstairs we went into her lovely salon. Seated in a chair with a nice cup of coffee and biscuit Lynne styled and shaped my wig. The whole experience felt lovely and so natural!

Well, where does Amanda fit into Femesque? She has known Lynne for over 10 years and she was instrumental in getting my female persona to where it is now. Femesque was formed as consequence of that meeting. Lynne genuinely wanted to help out the transgendered community with hair and beauty treatments. I’m not full-time en femme but, try if possible to spend one to two days a week fully dressed and going out. Hair is an important part of creating a female image. Lynne has helped me achieve this goal. She will help you achieve your goals as well!



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