Femesque | Dressing Service

Lady Boa {Lynne}

Founder/Studio Manager
Everything in life is negotiable, except quality. Lynne’s experience is as her business acumen and her taste in couture. Her support to the T-Girls is outstanding and always with empathy, trust and a good ear.

Lynne brings a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years experience in hair design, wig cutting, colour matching and beauty. She is the framework for Femesque.

She has a fabulous team of girls who bounce off each other but are very focused on great results.

Claire Femesque

Mademoiselle Clorise {Claire}

The Blonde Bombshell, Beauty Therapist
When Claire came to us, we were blessed, what a blonde babe, she is our hair & beauty consultant and Femesque party planner. That’s the story unoffically. There is also this, she owns lots of pairs of shoes, and has a leopard as a pet. (You should see them together) it’s the cutest thing. Claire will make your day or evening, within the walls of Femesque.

Amanda Femesque

Amandine {Amanda}

Strategist & Support Consultant
Good time girl, longtime T-Girl, occasional author and Femesque’s strategist and support consultant. Femesque pink boa, with style too.

She knows how to listen and take strategies through to solutions that are as sound as they are original. Take a sip and meet her at our cheese & wine evenings.

Kathy Femesque

Lady Amaretto {Kathy}

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
Kathy is a creative inspiration to Femesque. You can’t think outside the box until you understand whats in it. Kathy is one of those girls who understands you, gets to the bottom of issues and does it very well.

Give her an impossible problem with an even more impossible time-line then leave her alone while the magic happens. She too could help you.

Consider this your invitation to get to know us and get a glimpse of our trendy studio. We believe we are an exceptional team that works hard to do things the right way, have fun doing it and make it painless for you.

Welcome to a world of Femesque – All a woman wants!