Celebrity Contouring

Before and After of a light subtle contour on Alex by Lauren

Here is a picture of a light subtle contour on Alex by Lauren at Kryolan  Store in Covent Garden, recently both of them attended a Celebrity Contour Workshop to refresh their skills in Make Up.

Contouring has been a beauty secret of the stars for far too long, but is now the make-up trend everyone is talking about! Do you want cheek bones a supermodel would be proud of? Then contouring is the thing for you.

Contouring helps to sculpt the face in different areas giving a slight illusion. You can use different types of products for example; liquid, powder or cream. Here at Femesque we use Kryolan TV Paint Sticks, Kryolan Bronzers, Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlighter, Arbonne Bronzer and Glamour Glow Highlighters. There are many products on the market right now so at Femesque we help you to find the right one for you.

Many people are contouring these days, wether it be a very light subtle contour or a heavier evening look. Using the darker products to shade in any areas and lighter products to highlight and enhance an area. Angled brushes are a must for applying your contour as it helps to follow your natural bone structure giving you more definition. Do not forget to finish off your contour with a hint of blush to add colour to the face.

We offer 2 hour make up lessons here which are great for people who are unable to gain make up practice. We can cover anything you feel you struggle with from time to time. If you need any advice feel free to call us on 01252331323



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